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Personal Trainer London: What does our London Personal Training service offer?

A High Quality, Results-Focused Personal Trainer in London

Our Personal Trainer London service is key if you want to change your body, we’ll work with you to create a tailored, holistic plan designed to help you achieve your goal; to make the change that you want to make. You might want to get fit, get in shape for your wedding; you might want to prepare for a beach holiday, you might just want to set yourself a challenge and see what what you can achieve.

Whatever the goal, we will give you the tools, support and guidance to lose weight, burn fat, gain muscle or get fit -whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it. Not only can we help you achieve it quickly, but our approach is targeted towards long-lasting change. Our ethos is to Analyse, Transform and Maintain. We offer personal training services in the City of London and the West End. Can’t use a Personal Trainer in London as you’re not based in London? You can make the most of our expertise by choosing our Online Personal Training service

How do we approach our client’s goals?


We will review your lifestyle, diet and exercise history and formulate a transformation plan design just for you. Our transformation plans cover nutrition, supplementation and physical training


Time to put the plan into action. We will work with you every step of the way; through the hard work, the ups, the downs; the highs and the lows. We will keep you on track, but in return for your hard work and determination, we will support you with knowledge and extra motivation when you need it.


During the transformation phase, you will learn a lot about yourself. So will we, and we will use that knowledge to formulate a maintenance plan. This plan ensures that the change you’ve made is long-lasting; that you’ll hold onto your achievement


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Long Lasting Body Transformation

We regularly help people achieve their goals in short periods of time *, just take a look at some of our results in short periods of time*. We’re about more than just this, though. Our real passion lies in helping people achieve the goal that they set out to achieve, quickly, and then work with them to hold on to the change and make it stick – to make it their ‘new normal’. We do this through either online personal training or in-gym London personal training service . If you make an investment in yourself, we want to work with you in order to protect your investment.


Real results achievable by real, everyday people


What do you get from our London-based personal training service? You get access to our range of talented, professional personal trainers. You get personal training in our top class London facilities. You get nutritional advice and support. Most of all, if you work hard and follow our guidance, you get the results that you want*.

If you want our help to transform your body, and your lifestyle, then check out our in-gym London personal training service service (for those based in London) or online personal training (if you’re not based in London)

We are always happy to meet with people for an initial consultation with no obligation. If you would like to take advantage of this offer the get in touch with one of our consultants.

Online PT results photo

Online PT results photo


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How can we help?

What does success look like?

That’s up to you, really. Results are relative to each person and the goal that they had when they got in touch with us. Here are a few customers who were delighted with their results, and we were pretty proud of our work, too!

London Personal Trainer Transformations

JC’s Transformation *

6 weeks Personal Training London


DG’s transformation *

12 weeks Online Personal Training


AF’s transformation *

4 weeks Personal Training London


Pete’s transformation *

12 weeks Online personal training


TS transformation *

8 weeks Online Personal Training


Amy’s transformation *

8 weeks Online Personal Training


J’s Transformation *

8 weeks Personal Training


Pat’s transformation *

12 weeks Personal Training


Ash’s transformation *

12 weeks Personal Training


Graham’s Fat Loss Transformation *

8 weeks Personal Training


Aaron’s transformation *

8 weeks Online Personal Training


Mel’s transformation *

12 weeks Online Personal Training

Some Personal Training client testimonials…


Tirrel has been fantastic in getting me fit and into shape since I started regular training sessions with him about 12 months ago
I would highly recommend Tirrel as a personal trainer. After a series of tri-weekly sessions I lost 9% bodyfat over a 3 months period!
My personal training journey with Tirrel began following a free taster session at my local gym.
The best personal trainers in London, in my opinion. Thoroughly recommend them

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